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Electrical Services


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    Electrical Services


    Entrusting us with your electrical needs ensures the safety of reliable electrical solutions.
    Thanks to our high-quality services, you can save time and avoid unnecessary breakdowns.
    Our electrical installations ensure energy efficiency and user comfort, resulting in lower
    operating costs and extended equipment lifespan. We offer:

    ● Connecting electrical machines and devices.
    ● Installation of cable lines and construction of cable routes.
    ● Mounting of heads and joints on medium-voltage cables.
    ● Mounting of joints on low-voltage cables.
    ● Installation, connection, and commissioning of electrical devices.
    ● Installation of control devices and lighting.
    ● Precision electrical measurements.
    ● Electrical installations in both residential and industrial settings.
    ● Internal and external electrical installations in various types of buildings.
    ● Lighting installations, both indoor and outdoor.
    ● Building power supply, including overhead and underground connections.
    ● Electrical substations, from installation to modernization.
    ● Installation of various types of electrical equipment, apparatus, and accessories.
    ● Photovoltaic installations.
    ● Lighting systems and plug socket outlets.
    ● Electrical distribution boards.
    ● Outdoor lighting.
    ● Transformer stations.


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